9 Eylül 2009

A brave little girl!

"Netherlands/ The Hague, Amira Al-Qirim, a Palestinian girl aged 15, a victim and survivor of the Israeli massacre in Gaza last January, held a press conference together with her lawyer Gilles Devers in The Hague, in front of the building of the International Criminal Court, ICC, during which she stated: “I am here to present a complaint and to hand to the office of prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo in the ICC a file requesting an investigation into the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Israeli Zionists against the Palestinian civilians of Gaza Strip in which my father, my brother aged 14, and my sister aged 16, all civilians, were murdered by the IOF in the Tel Al-Hawa area south of Gaza City”.

* source

..and the world will remain silent while the zionist bastards continue their ‘ethnic cleansing’ program and swagger proudly…. arrogantly, haughtily!

Justice is not served, YET.

2 yorum:

  1. Helal olsun kiza! En wat een sterk en vastberadan persoon

  2. Ze heeft dan ook een enorme emotionele bagage die ze met zich meesleurt. Ik hoop dat ze zo vastberaden blijft aangezien het niet niets is wat ze allemaal heeft moeten doormaken/staan. I can't even imagine...

    Allah gani gani belalerini versin diyorum!!