24 Aralık 2009

Nil Desperandum

Over the past 60 years Israel has committed legitimate genocide by outmurdering hundreds of thousands civilians. The worst part is that they have the arrogance by justifying this as a terror eradication. (yeah, whole Palestina seems to be on their blacklist)
Actually, the ongoing outmurdering, the riots, the bombing etc. caused by Israel for the past year alone indicates their ferocity. However, the world seems to accept this inhumane violence by shutting their tongues (most of the time useless anyway). I do wonder though; what if it was the other way round, would they still remain silent? Nay, they would not, because I genuinely am convinced that non of the other silent countries would accept such sass from Palestina yet they do allow this kind of brutality from Israel!

"manus manun lavat"
"one hand washes the other"

Another worrywart is that the so called humanist, democratic countries don't even bother to whisstle (barf) their homies back! Therefore, Israel seems to think it is allright to bomb Lebanon & co. as well.
Well, why shouldn't they; I mean where are our beloved optimistic pacifists, the peacemakers with their 'no war' shoutings? Shame on them for even Greenpeace has more guts/balls than they have. It is sadening though for Greenpeace stands for ANIMAL rights. (human muslim life doesn't count, no'!) Yeah, you remain silencio. Good for you dear democrats, pacifists, humanists, and world! Brava!

Damn you hypocrites and wake up for the ancient art of keeping your mouth shut doesn't apply for the legitimately ongoing genocide!

My heart breaks for the Palestinians still are abiding for peace while the world actually gives Israel green light. Quite ironic though, shouldn't it be red, suits them more I guess.

It's a disgrace for the days are still passing by and there is still no end in sight!

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  1. Everyone is like three monkeys.

    They think, if only they do something it won't matter that much.

  2. It’s frustrating for they swagger around like they own the damn country and dodge all the critics while the Palestinians’ live under oppression. They ignore and carry on the out murdering and violent behavior as they wish. You can call it modern Apartheid for what they are doing is in my opinion a process of ethnic cleansing (and I believe I share the thoughts of millions) I really hope that this misery, agony, and butchering will end a.s.a.p. It’s a disgrace.

    Adde parvum parvo magnus acervus erit!
    "Voeg een beetje bij een beetje en je hebt een grote stapel”

  3. Insanlar hakettigini alir.

  4. Her şey mubahtır (bknz;ektiğini biçmek) diyerek yanlış felsefe takılıyorsun. O halde yıllardır belirli kesimleri asimile etmeye çalışan Rusya, Çin ve bilmem kaç ülkenin yaptığını onaylıyorsun. (bknz; Azeriler, Uygurlar vs)

  5. Guclu olan kazanir. Hak diye bir sey var midir? Insan hakettigini alir. vs. Eger hak var ise, Filistinlilerin hakettigi budur. Rusya Cin vs. Filistin ile kiyaslanacak seyler degildir. Aslinda hic bir olay birbiri ile kiyaslanamaz. Veya hepsi birbirine benziyor. Ozgurluk adina, bagimsizlik adina adim atmayan ezilmeye mahkumdur.
    Hala kendi aralarinda, sozde Allah adina maddiyat icin savasan iki tarafin yuzunden bu haldeler. Halk bir sey yapmaz ise, bu oyunlara karsi sesini cikarmazsa Israilin yaptiklarina boyun egecek. Sikayet etme hakki yoktur. Milletler, hakettikleri liderlere sahip olurlarmis. Burada Rusya, Cin, Turkiye vs. hepsi icin gecerlidir.