25 Ocak 2010

'Go Icarus'

Icarus' dream was to fly. However, he flew too close to the sun and the wax holding his wings together melted - he crashed into the sea and died...

What would you do in order to realize your dream(s)?

Icarus' father Daedalus, who was a master craftsman, was hired by the king in order to build a labyrinth under his castle to protect the king. After it's construction, the king imprisoned both Icarus and Daedalus in the highest tower of his castle in order to keep the secret of the labyrinth safe. In other words, Icarus and his father were the only people who knew how to get out of the labyrinth and he didn't want that secret leaked. Daedalus would often look out the window and study the birds. After observing them for some time, he gathered up feathers that he found and made wings by fastening them down to a strap with wax.
The wings were to be used to escape from the tower. After months of training, they were ready to set out over the sea. Daedalus warned Icarus not to fly too close to the sea, or the spray would wash the wax off nor too close to the sun, for it would melt the wax. Icarus didn't listen and got carried away thinking he was like a god and flew too close to the sun. All of his feathers became loose and his wings were destroyed. He fell and drowned in the sea while his father flew on alone, crying.

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