31 Mayıs 2010

"The Dreary Day"

Darn I'm totally knackered yet I'm thrilled to announce that the finals week is finally over. It was such an ordeal, for one of the students had a nightMARRY because she had a SLACKENING; so she said! Yups, they were very productive during the finals....!

Ought to be a joy, the exams I mean. But this really is/was way too grievous, no'! Strangely enough, I actually - still - do felt very sociable and gregarious today. In order to honor that joyous moment, I've decided to surprise my 'soon to be juveniles' with Oum Khaltoum. Making (actually letting) them listen to her endowed voice, clearly expressing my irrefutable love towards them. Meanwhile,I genuinely enjoyed having them in detention! Should do it more often, for they might even learn the difference between slackening and delay(ed)!

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