5 Mayıs 2010

Playing the Fool

I admit that I genuinely get pleasure from making innuendos. Although, sometimes it could get annoying for some people confuse them with irony or even sarcasm. Nay, my innuendos definitely aren’t arbitrary; they’re carefully selected and hitting point black.
Nowadays, I’m holding tremendously cantankerous rancor and resent towards my tutor for he honestly is expecting of me to produce an outstanding paper within a short period of time.
What the’ hell! Does he really think that can produce such a thing in less than 2 weeks? I handed it in on time; As I wrote, I felt my tears, preceded by blood and sweat dripping on my paper. -- (I know that I’m being a drama queen, that's all I've got right now!)
Even though I would love to say that it isn't my battle to conquer, I sadly must admit that it is! Got to go to Leiden again. Bummer!
Now tell me, do you expect me to disregard these resent and play the fool? Nay, my innuendos are even worse than ever! Be aware for I won’t spare any nor none!

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