14 Eylül 2010


Life as a fulltime teacher and parttime student is very hard, for it is killing me already. However, I must admit that I'm enjoying my both ego's very much, hence my insomniaticy due to prep work. Yet, during this period I slightly tend to label myself as a 'slacker', for I caught myself  postponing / procrastinating my student life / work.
Seriously, I ought to get of my lazy bum ánd press on the reset button in order to quit delaying or putting off doing my homework. What's even worse,  right now as I type this, I am procrastinating my home-work; there goes the good 'get of my bum' resolutions for this week.

This mess obviously has become my own personal diaspora, how to glue it together ?

I am so knackered, and Í have just started  ... but still lovin' it !!

3 minutes ..

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