5 Aralık 2010

Abysmal Ignorance

Already described as untamed and amorphous, also known by her black sides and peculiarities, yet still nedeeth to be mentioned the dangerousness in her soul that makes one wonder what she is plotting now. Darker than the darkest night, yet brighter than the brightest star .. Impressive moves need to be made -or- what seemed trivial suddenly has become of utter importance .. You know, after a meticulously planned plot, she decided to reveal the obscure, abysmal ignorance, hidden in the deepest..
She genuinely is apt to do so, yet she collectedly awaits to excavate ..

Wicked ..

Is she going to wave her ambitions away or, is she going to draw more attention ?
Has she yet become a prisoner of her own aberrant game; exceeding the ordinary or expected ?

Who knows !

One asked me whether I was charmed by his gesture; should I like something which describes me cruel ?

Shall I ?

2 yorum:

  1. Ambitions! I shape them in my mind as waves... Potential in it makes them rise and fall, rise and fall.... Capacity and feeding determines the magnitude so that some deserves to be named as tsunami. There is no end to those rise and falls except the shore... Where is the shore? Is it the end or the target under fire... Give 'em hell!!!

    P.S. Your writing skills are amazing. No option for me but to admire, Milady!

  2. Even though she is dwelling inbetween solid and virtual, 'she' is ambivalence about 'her' ambitions. Also feeling awkward became a common paranoide; close to describe it as discomforting .. Unconsciously created defence mechanisms' ... ?

    Thank you for your compliments, milord. Although, I strongly believe you are eggagerating about my writing skills.