19 Aralık 2010

Daredevil is ready to tackle the world !

You know, İ am having serious difficulty with expressing myself in any language.. The words must be chosen carefully and delicately, since İ feel the fatiqueness vading and the frigideness returning. Revealing the ultime barierre again, and unsolving the poluted hearts and trusts in lakes' dirty water ...
Opening yourself is a huge deal, specially when you have serious trust issues. However, on and off you want to get indulged into different worlds even tough this world gets demolished within seconds. İ know that İ might sound a bit bitter and agitaded, yet it is nothing more than being aghast. Seriously, the world is getting smaller and smaller, people are getting more transparent .. Sighh !! How in Lords name did İ miss this ?! Could İ feel even more stupid and violated !

İn conclusion, İ have made a terrible mistake, for İ should have remained in my safe-zone and never left my void, my dystopia. Hence the 'real' world made itself abundantly clear that there is no room for my 'sobriety'. İn this world, Lô - Lâ is a misfit, but that is not trivial, since she totally rocks in my world ..

Yeah, up to new adventures ....

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