11 Ocak 2011

Yet Another Final Burden

I think I can say this on the behalf of me, myself and I, and also on the behalf of my students,
that this was such an unfortunate, awful, weary week ..

Unfortunately because, due to the finals we were obliged to watch the podcast over and over again zzzz ! Hence, Mr. Schwartsz paradox of life sucked our desire to live out of our veins ..(at least mine for sure) Since watching something you've seen one to many time,could become a serious agony though. And as if were up to me, I'd rather be at the cinema for real relaxation, no'; I must say that I've only have one more class to go, and than I'm off for two weeks. Although, I'm not really off since I've got to check and grade reports, tests, essays etc, I still think that it would be rather rude and ungrateful to complain on such a minor issue. (yups, all of the sudden it became a minor issue)
But again, I'm genuinely defeated and exhausted, and soo in need for a moment or two to unload again.

Sadly enough, I've still got one more mandatory torture seance to go, than I'll be done ..
Actually, that pretty much covers it for us all ... torture !
perhaps, aah perhaps,
I'll/we'll manage and survive the finals without any visible marks,
bruises will do though !

I my job
yeayeayeaah ..


The Villian
Barry Schwartz on the paradox of choice

The Torture Victims
 - look them suffer, how sweet, no'!

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