18 Şubat 2011


Neden insanlar birbirlerini incitmek adına yarışa girer, hep birbirlerinin kuyusunu kazmak ister ?

Bunca saçmalığın ne anlamı olabilir ki .. ?

Gelde 'misanthrope' olma !

"İnsanlar hayatta bir vardır bir yoktur
ama yine sen kendinle kalırsın"

4 yorum:

  1. Not everybody, I suppose! I just think that many of us are too busy with their own selves, not enough time to spare for the others for the sake of good or bad or any. Personally, I just feel apathy!!!

  2. Getting slightly apathic seems like a natural step towards being a misanthrope eventually ! Apart from that, unfortunately,I do witness such a morally repugnant behavior on a regular base. It makes me lose my affinity and empathy towards humanity ...

    Human species and their behaviors, such a conundrum !

  3. I do not think I will be a misanthrope some day. The number of good people I know is more than the number of the bad ones. I, myself, also closer to be labeled amongst the bad ones, I am afraid. I believe that my apathy mainly because I am too busy with myself, my test, my life for the ultimate goal. Feeling some kind of empathy towards the human, struggling to survive, but that does not mean I endorse evil behavior, just accept it as the part of the game plan! Even, I believe i have a mission to prevent evil to do harm, I do not want to mess with the Owner, preferring to behave cautious to prevent collateral damage! (I also do not believe I have expressed my feeling properly-sorry for making you read that rubbish)

  4. You are a better person than I ever will be !!