21 Mart 2011

Now, sir, am I a fool ?

Dearest, "I am disposed to be gregarious and communicative tonight."

Am I a fool for wanting a wish from the wish-people, so I won't have to wait áges in order to get my wishing to be wished. On the other hand, do I dare to provoke the greater good-people or should I just disregard my desire ? However, ignoring my darkest cravings won’t dismiss my earnest indulgence, nor my longing in order to get my wish fulfilled. It’s almost compulsive, no'.

I - must - embrace - and - lure - them !

"When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers"

Even true, would it be wise to challenge myself by allowing such an indulgence, as my biased persona is a sporadic prayer and doesn't deserve such a 'garment' ? Nah, not trivial; I am and will remain paranoiac anyway. Therefore, an enhancement, Lüci, bite me !
Perhaps, allowing such a curiosity could be seen as a victory, hence my childhood wishing credence. Oddly enough, I don't seem to recall it.
Hmm, what's going on eva' !
Anyways, for many years now, I have been embracing myself to this wishing thing; “sprinkle wishing dust and so my wish will come true,” I’m genuinely an opinioned zeal about it, so I will definitely challenge this.

Also, being a worrywart doesn’t make life easier, hence my ‘luxurious’ problem. Even worse, I have forgotten what I wanted to wish for. I guess it was merely a wishful thinking though; nothing more nothing less.

Good for you ….you fusspot.

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