28 Nisan 2011

eva's loss

"A profusion of pink roses bending ragged in the rain speaks to me of all gentleness and its enduring."

"Which is loveliest in a rose?
Its coy beauty when it's budding,
or its splendour when it blows?"


Today, the roses didn't bloom in the grey city, instead they whispered your untimely demise. Numb yet aware, I managed to comprehend. So, I silently turned to the most graceful one and asked, ‘before indulging myself into taciturnity, please tell me where to send my moans ?’ I've promised you my grieving, no' ! So, if I keep to my side of the bargain, will you promise me to scroll your gorgeous scented buds open into large, deep colorful blooms with the most perfect, flawless curves ? Will you promise to explore your new world, vividly though ?

Don't try to make any difference, just move forward.
Fair enough ?

3 yorum:

  1. tomorrow roses will bloom in blue

  2. such an oxymoron to bloom in blue

    either bloom, or be blue .. but never let a rose bloom bluish .. it'll be a waste .

  3. "Call an optimist, she's turning blue
    Such a lovely color for you
    Call an optimist, she's turning blue
    While I just sit and stare at you"