27 Ağustos 2009

Echoes in my head

"Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars"

Ever since my surgery I have been feeling fatigue, totally worn out. I miss my old strength for nowadays I have neither endurance nor patience left to pursue my old lifestyle. By all means, and without any exaggeration, I used to be in peak condition, got up at seven every morning to welcome the day. Nowadays, I hardly am able to read a good book, nor having my daily come-to-your-senses- walk for I’m mentally and physically bushed. Instead, I welcomed some aggravating habits and started a new fixation, not doing a bloody thing. Seriously, it is time to get off my bum and start searching for a part-time job and do the final arrangements for my education. Even though I have decided to continue my study and get my degree in English Language and Culture, I must admit that I still can’t feel any merit. How stupid no’! Besides, I ought to focus on to the significant matters and stop caring for the careless, wondering for the lost one. Seriously, it has become a pain in the ass – a true Achilles' heel! Furthermore, I must look forward and most definitely shouldn’t allow myself such negligible thoughts anymore. Negligible, yes. Thus, I shouldn’t permit myself to indulge to such -minor- matters and start searching for my panacea. In conclusion, I have to move forward and become the old me again and keep my promises to myself and my beloved ones. And, I surely shouldn’t meddle in someone else’s sorrows anymore. It’s not my battle to conquer nor will it ever be. Just march forward.

Hello life, here I come. Wahoo !

6 yorum:

  1. Dat Ibo een kale idioot is :idi:

  2. Yaraladin beni. Bunu soylemeyecektin. Sozun bittigi yer. Konusamiyorum artik, ama yazabiliyorum. Olmadi Leyla :idi:

  3. sonra da takip etmiyorsun diyosun. global bi sekilde anladígím dilde anlatsana ne yazdígíní. :idi:

  4. Sana özel Ingilizce ders vermek sart oldu. Kendi düsen aglamaz diyerekten, geleceginin uktesini hazirlan. :idi

  5. neyse kalsín anlamasamda olar. :idi: