29 Ağustos 2009


“Man, born of woman, has found it a hard thing to forgive her for giving him birth. The patriarchal protest against the ancient matriarch has borne strange fruit through the years."

Couple of days ago I had a dispute with some of my peers about the fact that a mother couldn’t held responsible for his offspring’s upbringing. They said that such matriarchies don’t fit in our current pedagogical era we are living in. Actually, some people do believe that matriarchic influences are obsolete and outmoded. Come on and cut the crap already. Isn’t it true that a mother’s behaviour has a profound impact on a developing child? Be honest with yourselves and acknowledge the fact that it is a universal knowledge that a mother ought to screw up her offspring’s upbringing. The truth is that they implant a guilt programme or a nerve and never give you opportunities to enhance your physical skills. Moreover, this guilt programme will continue till the rest of your life.

It sounds a bit aggravated, right?

My mom is as much a matriarch as any other moms, but she occasionally skipped the manipulation part and managed to implement the ethical aspects of life as well. She made sure that her offspring’s would care and love other human beings. She taught us that good friendships were rare to maintain and that one always should be open-minded and be respectful towards others. Of course, these are normal values and morals but not everyone preserves the same standards. I mean, what’s the point and value of being good to a bitchy life that persistently serves you nothing but wickedness and evilness? What’s the point for caring and being an honest person whereas most people use you as an old wrapped napkin? In my opinion, one must be as misanthropic and malevolence as all the other screwed up people, otherwise you’re doomed to fail. Besides, believing and respecting doesn’t work coming from one side only. Than friendships can turn ugly, and will lose its deferential aspect.

Today, I might feel like losing fate in humanity, however sooner or later my mom’s upbringing failure will kick in and lead me to another friendship(s). Let the screwed ones isolate themselves and remain living in oblivion, like a hermit.

What's more, I accused a lowlife imbecile for its lack of humanity. However, I still do envy and respect its strong character. It is a pity that these ruthless, merciless, heartless, and pitiless people aren’t aware of the damage they’re causing though. Sometimes it's hard to comprehend their thoughts and ways, but I suppose that such a person must suffer from social isolation and loneliness. I'm guessing now, because otherwise I don't know either. I also believe that these aspects and feelings increases mainly during the winter months (depression and melancholy months I recall). So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when they remote themselves during this period and hide their vulnerability and susceptibility. But they really should quit thinking like they are the only ones whom are affected by such a depression.

Don’t they realize that anyone can be affected?

I guess, those whom are ill, depressed and/or suffering bereavement, cannot move forward easily and maintain to live in remote areas.

Living like a recluse.

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  1. bu blogu uzun zamandır takip ediyorum ve tarzını/zı beğendiğimi söylemek istedim yalnızca (kimi şarkılar dışında:))

    buraya yazma nedenime gelince adımı duyurmak değil amacım.yalnızca takdir etmek.oldukça fazla okuyucunuz var ki bu pek bana göre değil de.

  2. sevgili ariel - paylasimlari begenmenize sevindim ..

    keyifli okuma ve dinlemeler : )