27 Kasım 2010

End of an era? Or the start of the new one?

A dear friend of mine mentioned that I should use my affinity for English writing again. Therefore, I have decided to affix more of my essays, stories and pennies, so I can gain more richness due to your feedback(s). Seriously, I have to evolve my writing skills since its necessity and importance even more so its value and significance to my current profession and position.

Reluctantly as, I still acknowledge the fact that I am going through a ‘transition’ right now. So, on and off my blog might seem a bit peculiar but then again you will witness a great oxymoron; nocturnal vs diurnal. Perhaps than, one might understand why I am in a desperate need to detach Lô - Lâ from Ley - Lâ.

As you already know, Lô – Lâ is an alter ego and an egregious fantasist, apathetic from worldly affairs whereas Ley – Lâ is a pragmatist and a driven doer. Still, they both have some similarities, such as the utter enjoyment of making ridiculous innuendos, sharing sardonic moments which is a true enrichment for both. Still, the diversity makes them both mentally and physically fragile. Hence, trying to get a hold on both the sun and the moon at the very same time. It is an arbitrary feeling which should not be indulged too strongly, for it is akin to getting torn apart; consequently, every inch of my soul, every fiber in my body aches…

Aye, in some way I am both blessed and cursed all in one breath.

But I will elaborate this in my upcoming writing(s), for this is merely a kick off ..

2 yorum:

  1. ... "for this is merely a kick off" then Bismillah! Impatient to see early crops... Wish you a fertile ground and ripe fruits that cheerish both Ley - La and Lo - La, all together... Gokten uc elma dusmus...

  2. I must admit that I struggled with creativity though; i definitely need to recapture the art of writing again. Remaining aloof and neglecting it, made me endure the mute sheets; almost an agony..
    Thank you for triggering me yet again; besides I doexpect some input from thee as well :) i am in need of a good critic, no'!

    Mine is reserved,
    You've already claimed your share,
    Now to find a good home for the orphan .... !
    (hence the fruit)