29 Kasım 2010

Humbug !!

I've finally managed to review  and grade all the (250) portfolios. Wohoo - Yes Yes, I have ! However, no relaxation written for tonight's destiny I guess, since a student e-mailed me that he was down with the flu and that he couldn't hold his presentation ....

Translating; you've have to come up with a back up program for tomorrow's class, since there won't be anything to listen/give feedback/have a debate for. Seriously, HUMBUG !! and guess what; I still got to come up with something. Anywho, totally beaten, scattered as I feel, yet very cheery, joyous I continue. Luckyly, my creativity hasn't abandoned me in order to come up with a last minute program -
I gladly present thee 'morrow's filler - 'how to write a short report'.
Weirdly, I'm anxious and annoyed, yet excited for another kick off.  For whatever reason, I seem to enjoy this last minute call off. S-c-a-r-y though !

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