14 Kasım 2010

Ah Well, Shizzle Happens !

Don't get me wrong, for I'm thankful, no'..
But on ocassion I do wonder who'd be my rock in dark times in order to help me to -re- find my direction in -my- life again. Not that I'm in need of any stirring whatsoever; yet I wish that these nervous neurotic knots in my stomach would end, so I -technically- can function a litte bit more/better into the society...again.


Yet another -new- battle, 'the abyss',
my precious battlefield ..
must  conquer...

Disappointed; No !
Shattered; No !
Regretful; No !
Repentant; No !
Outraged; No !
Angry; No !

Ferocious; Yes !

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